What Is The Boho Style?

Some of you have likely guessed already that “Boho” is short for “Bohemian”. This unique style comes from the over two centuries ago when Bohemian jewelry, clothing, and overall art style rose to popularity in Europe. It is most commonly associated with artists, intellectuals, writers, and people who prefer to live on the road in an almost nomadic-like manner.

The key visual characteristics of Boho fashion are that it’s made to feel open, free, and natural. The Boho style doesn’t’ work well with constraints of any kind and it’s meant to express your inner uniqueness and individuality.

With that being said, it’s hard to describe anything too specific about Boho jewelry or Boho fashion as norm-breaking freedom of choice is a key tenet of the Boho style. Still, there are plenty of common themes you may notice when looking at Bohemian jewelry or fashion:

  • Boho is characterized with combinations of various bright colors you’ll rarely see together in other fashion styles.
  • Oversized, loose, and freeing clothing is also typical for Boho fashion – no skinny jeans and no tight jackets.
  • Scarfs. Lots of them. Sure, not every Boho-inspired outfit will include a scarf, but this item of clothing is definitely an emblem of the Boho style. Tied around your hat, wrapped around the handle of your bag, wrapped on your arm like a large bracelet, there’s no limit to what you can do with a scarf in Boho fashion.
  • Uniquely designed, large, and colorful jewelry. Huge and colorful earrings, artisan bracelets, earthy-colored rings on almost every finger – those are the kinds of jewelry you can see in the Boho style.
  • Large accessories such as oversized handbags or giant boots. Just like Boho clothing isn’t meant to be form-fitting, Boho accessories are also anything but discreet.
  • Lots of straps. Hair straps, strap bands instead of bracelets, strappy “gladiator” sandals – the Bohemian style loves this unique design choice.
  • Most importantly, the Boho style is unified in that it gives you the freedom to fully express your desires and preferences. If you only want to wear a Boho style necklaces and a thin scarf – no one can tell you that’s not a valid Boho fashion choice. If you want to go all out and fully transform yourself into a true on-the-road Bohemian – that’s certainly part of the style as well.