Modern Bohemian Living Room Ideas For A Bold, Boho Look

Modern Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Bohemian Living Room Ideas are perfect for people who enjoy a touch of the wild yet sophisticated attitude of the Bohemian culture, but perhaps with a more traditional style. Instead of bold colors and loud, over-the-top designs, think clean, muted neutrals and simple, elegant accents instead.

This is not to say that you should avoid bold patterns and artwork. The key to this kind of room design is in finding just the right balance between modern and Bohemian. You can achieve this by choosing neutral wall art, interesting candles, and unique wall art pieces. You might even want to choose a sofa or coffee table that features some Bohemian elements, such as a locket, heart pendant, or tribal artwork.

If you prefer a slightly more sedate approach to decorating your Bohemian living room ideas rooms, you might want to bring in the more elegant, classic Bohemian elements from Indian decor. For example, you can use an intricate bed frame made of wood and include southwestern accessories like a southwestern pillow and a southwestern rug.

Some other interesting decor choices for your Bohemian living room ideas would be artwork by such artists as El Greco and Titian. You can also incorporate some bold abstract patterns into your design, such as twisted metal panels. You can also find Bohemian wall art and rustic metal wall decor on flea markets, craft fairs and estate sales.

In addition to the bold, Bohemian living room decorating style, you can also choose an interesting geometric wallpaper border, which will really bring some new dimension to your living space. You can purchase this type of interesting wall art at specialty stores and online.

Another great way to add some southwest flavor to your interior design is to use beautiful wooden wall art with a rustic western theme. One fun idea is to hang a horsehair design from a large wooden ceiling fan. You can even make your own hand-carved antler art using parts of pigs' antlers and rawhide.

To bring the modern Bohemian living room decorating style to your home, you may want to integrate some new elements from Indian decor into your design . For example, one interesting element of Indian decor is Spiritual tapestry or beadwork.

spiritual tapestry

Beaded jewelry such as beaded bracelets and other native American decorative objects can really give your living room a touch of the Native American lifestyle. For example, you could have a wide variety of small handcrafted beadwork pieces on your southwestern kitchen countertop or on display in your family room.

You can also add a pinch of Bohemian living room ideas to your bedroom. For example, one intriguing idea for a southwest bedroom is to create a rustic Indian hideaway with colorful pueblo designs on the wall. You could also add an authentic leather bed and add some southwestern decor touches like a rustic other headboard.

And of course, it would not be a southwest home without a little bit of Bohemian living room ideas in the bathroom. There are many different designs you can explore with a Bohemian design in your bathroom.

Perhaps you would prefer to incorporate the bold artwork of Indian pottery into your bathroom's decor. Or perhaps you would prefer to stick to the more contemporary look of old world natural materials such as iron, wood and tiles. The point is that no matter what style or material you choose, it should fit well into your Bohemian style interior design idea.

There are endless opportunities to pursue your Bohemian living room ideas in a Bohemian home. The first step is to decide what you would like to add to your existing decor. Once you have decided on that, you can begin to shop around for various pieces that match your ideas.

You can also find some great bargains at flea markets and swap meets. You may even have some great pieces that you simply love and want to add to your own home!

You do not need to live in a rural, rustic setting to have a Bohemian home. You just have to be willing to embrace your creativity and make use of your imagination. You can use an Indian hideaway as a way to escape into a different world and create your own Bohemian living room ideas.

Your house will become more than just a place to live: it will become a sanctuary you will never forget! It will be a place where you can escape and spend some time with nature, or maybe just kick back and relax with friends and family.