Bohemian Earrings

Large Boho Earrings Studs

Bohemian earrings come in all shapes and sizes that can easily accommodate the style of any woman. They’re colorful, dangly and fun but there are also boho earrings that are very sober and small. Some of them are handcrafted and made using techniques like weaving and macrame.

They are usually made from natural materials and include the additions of beads, stones, threads, rattan and in some cases, metal alloy and sterling silver. Bohemian earrings can also be studs and hoops. Like any other element of bohemian fashion, there really aren’t any strict rules when it comes to accessories and clothes. Boho earrings have that colorful, ethnic look because they are largely inspired in the culture of Asia and Africa.

Although bohemian earrings come in all shapes and sizes, there are some variations that are generally more popular than others. The most uncommon boho accessories are the large boho earrings studs.  

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55 products