Boho Kimonos

Bohemian Kimono Cardigans

When we hear kimonos, we immediately think of the Asian garments that are worn in formal occasions and special events. These traditional Asian pieces differ from their bohemian counterpart in many ways. While Asian kimonos are more like wrap dresses, bohemian kimono cardigans are worn like a jacket, open and over clothes.

Traditional Asian Kimono is worn during formal events while boho kimonos are worn casually. These pieces inspired in Asian culture are a big part of the boho movement and even though they’re not as common as boho tops and tunics, they’re still frequently worn by women all over the world. The boho kimono is an accessory in women’s fashion that has been popularized as the bohemian kimono cardigan. It’s worn like a jacket over light weight outfits.

The addition of a boho kimono instantly elevates any boring fit – giving it a summery, breezy, flowy touch of boho style. Famous celebrities like Elsa Pataky and Jessica Alba are frequently seen wearing these quirky pieces of hippy girl fashion. They wear the bohemian kimono cardigan trend with poise and confidence and they absolutely rock that flowy, breezy element of boho. These unique garments can be worn as light jackets that add a boho element to any outfit.


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30 products