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Flush Mount Ceiling Light With Remote Controls

Incorporating bohemian style into your home can be really challenging. Due to its unique homely feel and relaxed, warm vibe, boho decor pieces are usually very different from run of the mill decorations. That being said, items like ceiling lights are often forgotten.

You can decorate any room with boho furniture and it still might not feel true to the boho style until you add those finishing touches that tie everything together. Bohemian lights are one of those things that you don’t really know that you need until you’re seeing that situation with your very own eyes.

Some of ceiling lights lie almost flush against your ceiling while others are designed to hang down a little. Many belong to different series, so you can find other ceiling lights that match your choice.

Rattan is a common factor in bohemian home decor and it is included in different pieces of furniture. Boho style often relies on natural light to make their decorations pop, but this might not be possible when we consider indoor spaces with small windows.

In this case, in order to make decorations look their very best, the sources of light have to be as close as possible as the light of the sun. This lighting condition ensures that the color will shine and you’ll get a lot more out of any space. That being said, a 7 inch flush mount ceiling light has the perfect dimensions to keep any room well-lit in a way that resembles the rays of sun.


15 products

15 products