Rattan Bags

Round Rattan Bags

Rattan is a natural material that comes from palms. The fibers of wild-harvested palms are processed and used to create what we know to be rattan products, in this case, rattan bags. In the old times, rattan bags were crafted by natives of Asia and Africa and used as vessels to carry fruits and other foraged things back home.

As the bohemian lifestyle is inspired by freedom, nature and travel, rattan bags made their way into boho fashion and are now a big part of bohemian style. These gorgeous accessories are great pieces that add that world traveler vibe to any outfit.

In the realm of boho fashion, rattan bags are very popular. Round rattan bags are the most coveted of all the boho bags made from this natural material. They’re mostly crossbody bags that have a small chamber, round in shape. Simple concept, beautiful execution.

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48 products