Rattan Lampshades

Woven Rattan Lamp Shades

Lampshades made from rattan are very popular bohemian home accessories. They’re absolutely gorgeous pieces of woven palm that scream bohemian style. Rattan is a natural material that is environment friendly and fits perfectly in the boho vibe. The concept of using materials extracted from natural sources is something that is very common in the bohemian world. Similar to rattan bags, rattan hats and rattan wall hangings, woven rattan lamp shades and other lighting solutions made out of rattan aim to bring in a little piece of nature into the home.

Rattan fixtures and furniture have been a part of boho home decor since the very beginning. They’re incorporated into indoor and outdoor spaces to create a bohemian paradise full of nature and fun. Woven rattan lampshades are often used as a complement to other elements of boho home decor but they’re usually lacking when it comes to very large spaces. Although the boho style has a lot of different interpretations and everyone can use the elements that they feel comfortable with, rattan is just one of those materials that are present in most bohemian households.


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14 products

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